Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nissan 350Z

This is the age of modifications for the Nissan. Have a source of the 1970 Datsun 240 Z, the new 2007 Nissan 350Z brings new definition car style and performance.

The 2007 model comes with three elegant silver-colored carbon, solar Orange and San Marino Blue. To entice sports car lovers, Touring and Grand Touring Coupe models have been provided with a hands-free Bluetooth telephone system.

The VQ35HR engine in the value of its value. With the expansion of power of the 3.5 liter engine, the vehicle now boasts 306 horsepower output at 6.88 rpm and 268 pounds feet of torque at 4800rpm. You can make 90% of the torque available in 2000-7000 RPM. Thanks to the new system symmetric dual ram air intake of the engine that helped to reduce the resistance of air flow and increase the power of 3HP.

In addition to the characteristics of power, the engine is equipped with a powerful sound system that reduces the noise level considerably. Two transmissions 6-speed close ratio manual and 5-speed automatic are available for the new Nissan.

The 350Z Coupe is characterized by a front engine / rear-wheel configuration and a two-seater hatchback and the body as its standard model. Other changes include special LED lights in the beltline, an aluminum hood, vertical door handles and heated outside mirrors. The additional storage space will be added to the addition of a cupholder on each of the door panels and in the passenger side foot.

Apart from the standard Bose audio system and the installation of satellite radio, the 2007 Coupe has always been with the Nissan Z navigation system that is capable of intelligent search capabilities and the ability to split screen.


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